Audibility of high-resolution digital audio

At the 128th conference of the Audio Engineering Society (London, 22 - 25 May 2010), a workshop was held about testing for the audibility of the "High Resolution formats for Digital Audio", like the SACD and the blue-ray 192 kHz / 24 bit. A panel of 6 experts gave their view on the way to do it and why high resolution formats give an audible improvement. This is one of the introductory papers, the other one is "HighReso.pdf" by Hans van Maanen.


pdfPAPER Subjective Sound Quality evaluation.pdf

Time smear by cross-over filters

"Time smear occurs at unexpected places in audio systems. One place, which is often overlooked, is the cross-over filtering in loudspeakers. This article shows that serious problems can arise because of incorrect phase responses of such filters, which can easily introduce audible errors in the reproduced sound (in English)."


RIAA correction amplifier

Description of the RIAA (record cutting) correction for different types of pick-up cartridges, including a novel approach for the correction of magneto-dynamic cartridges (in Dutch).


Active loudspeaker systems

Paper on the advantages of active loudspeaker systems, compared to passive designs, including the temporal responses of such systems (in English).


Description of active cross-over filters for loudspeakers which have a correct behaviour in both frequency and time domains (in Dutch).


Mechanical resonance compensation of pick-up cartridges

Description of the first circuit to correct the resonance of the magnet on its stylus of a moving magnet (magneto-dynamic) pick-up cartridge in order to improve its response in both frequency and time domains (in Dutch).


Description of the processor, which corrects the mechanical and electrical behaviour of a moving magnet (magneto-dynamic) pick-up cartidge and corrects the RIAA (record cutting) characteristic. Based on RIAA1971 and MERK1979 (in Dutch).


Digital audio systems

First paper on the limitations and problems of digital audio systems, their time-smear of signals and audible artifacts (in Dutch).


Second paper on the problems with digital audio systems, focussing on the additional noise, generated by the interaction of the filtering and the quantisation in amplitude domain (in Dutch).


Calculation of the Wigner distribution

Short paper in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (1985) of a simple, numerical technique to duplicate the sampling frequency of a periodically sampled signal to make it suitable for the calculation of the discrete Wigner distribution (time-frequency presentation, in English).


Fourier theory for dummies

Simple explanation of the background of Fourier analysis and synthesis “for dummies” to create awareness of the technique (in Dutch).


Characterization of temporal response

Paper for the AES conference in Berlin (1993) on the use of “temporal decay” for the audible quality estimation of (reconstruction) filters (in English).


Distortion by capacitors

Paper for the AES conference in Amsterdam (2008) in cooperation with Menno van der Veen (first author) on the non-linear distortions of capacitors and other passive components (in English)

pdfAES 124-paper.pdf

Correct temporal response

Paper, based on a presentation for the Dutch section of the AES (2001) on the requirements, properties and advantages of a correct response of an audio system in time domain (in English).



Anecdotical stumbling blocks on the long road to the current systems of Temporal Coherence (in English).