Review 'Pasithea' dipole loudspeaker

In the Februari issue (2019) of 'Music Emotion', a Dutch HiFi magazine, a review of the 'Pasithea' dipole loudspeaker has been published. The  loudspeaker is a result of a close cooperation between 'Hepta Design Audio' and 'Temporal Coherence'. The original publication is in Dutch, but it has been translated into English. 

AUDIO 21 includes the TC amplifiers in his selection

I am happy to tell you that I have found a dealer in the eastern part of The Netherlands who has included the TC amplifiers in his selection. He is very critical and has only a small number of brands in his collection as you can see on his website

He has written a blog on how he came to his decision (you can find the Dutch version at but I guess that you might have some trouble in understanding Dutch, so I made a translation which you can download as a pdf-file.


Folder 'stand alone' electronic components

Temporal Coherence has, next to the Diamant and Pyramide systems, also 'stand alone' electronic components in its product range. The folder on these components can be found at the Dutch section of this website, the English translation of the text can be found here.


Listening impression of Music Emotion

The listening impression of Music Emotion can now be read here.

HVT van november 2016: nabeschouwing van de X-fi High-End show in Veldhoven

In HVT van november 2016 staat een nabeschouwing van de X-fi High-End show in Veldhoven.
Een citaat:
Hepta en Temporal Coherence
Gewoon Nederlands fabricaat, beide fabrikanten deelden samen één ruimte en ook een aantal
producten. Zo werden de Hepta Sublimis Orator luidsprekers aangedreven door de Temporal
Coherence stereo eindversterkers. Het resultaat mocht er dan ook zijn. De mooi vormgegeven
Sublimis Orator luidspreker valt overigens niet alleen op in klankmatige zin, maar is visueel ook
geen “ogenbederver”. De ruimte was tot de laatste plaats bezet, maar ook tijdens een Shostakovitsj
Symphonie – niet de meest toegankelijke muziek – bleef men zitten. Als de weergave goed is dan
kun je je ook minder platgetreden muzikale paden permitteren. Complimenten voor Chris Rutgers
cum suis.

Home Video Test of July 2014

On the contents page of Home Video Test of July 2014 it said "During the listening session at the triumvirate of Temporal Coherence it became more than clear that the loudspeaker design approaches the ideal". The full paper is available as pdf-download at our papers tap.

Report on the ALMA winter meeting in Las Vegas

At the end of November, Hans received and invation to present the paper, he presented at the conference of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in Helsinki, Finland, August 2013, again at the winter meeting of the ALMA (Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturers and Acoustics) in Las Vegas (Nevada, U.S.A.). With some shuffling. Hans was able to fit this meeting in his agenda and departed for Las Vegas.

pdfRead the report on the ALMA winter meeting in Las Vegas

Report on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Because Hans was in Las Vegas to present at the ALMA winter meeting anyway, he managed his agenda such that he could pay a one day visit to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) there. The CES is probably the largest show for consumer electronics in the world and there is no way you can tackle it in one day. The show is held in three different (large!) buildings and includes about anything from washing machines to computers and from robots to giga audio systems.

pdfRead the report on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas