Temporal Coherence

'Temporal Coherence' is an innovative company, continuously searching for the best technology to realize the deepest, emotional experience of music. We don't take the easy route when others yield better results. Design and production are done in The Netherlands with the utmost care to achieve the highest quality.
The exclusive systems of 'Temporal Coherence' distinguish themselves on many aspects from the traditional audio components. A number of the most important differences are:
• The 'systems' approach
• The '360 degree' radiation-concept
• The unique design with its special purpose
• The great attention for the temporal behavior of the reproduction system
• The reduction of the distortions which are annoying for the human ear

Holistic concept

Temporal Coherence' has the opinion that moving away from the traditional concept of the amplifier-loudspeaker takes our audio systems to a much higher quality level. We achieve this higher level by our holistic concept in which the different components work together to realize sound reproduction at a rarely heard high level.
We strive to an 'overall optimum' by compensating the limitations of the loudspeaker units with the use of electronics. This has the advantage for you that a system consists of far less components and cables.
With some physics, it is not difficult to show that a loudspeaker enclosure –of acceptable size- cannot reproduce the entire frequency range for a realistic reproduction of sound. At least not without compromising the temporal response of the system. The same physics teaches us how this can be achieved by a close cooperation between the electronics and mechanics.

Radiation pattern

Most loudspeakers suffer from the 'keyhole'-effect, which means that the higher the frequency, the more the radiation pattern is bundled towards the listener. The lucky one, sitting on the 'sweet spot' has sufficient high frequencies in the sound, but the other listeners don't. To solve this limitation 'Temporal Coherence' builds 360 degree radiators, which create the same sound in the whole listening room. In this way also the indirect sound, which now has the same spectral composition as the direct sound, contributes to a much more balanced sound field. As a bonus, a very open sound experience results, which far less 'sticks' to the loudspeakers.


The 360 degree radiation concept also leads to an exclusive design of our systems, as can be seen in the 'Diamant' and the 'Pyramide'. These unique appearances are jewels in your listening room, even more because the finish can be chosen from many styles, according to your taste.

Temporal behavior

One of the most important causes why loudspeakers with identical frequency responses still sound different is the difference in their temporal behavior. This often neglected aspect has been given especially much attention in the systems, designed and build by 'Temporal Coherence' because the characteristic sound of e.g. percussion or a grand piano are strongly determined by the attack. When this is not reproduced in a time-correct way, you loose a part of the reality and the emotion of the instrument. By optimization of the temporal behavior, natural sounding systems like the 'Diamant' and the 'Pyramide' can be realized.

What really matters

In any system undesired distortions occur. Paradoxically measurement values don't say that much about their perception. Therefore, it is of great importance to give -during the design stage- much attention to the level in which the different kinds of distortions are annoying to our ears, not how small the values are in which these are expressed. 'Temporal Coherence' pays much attention to the causes of the distortions. We track these and suppress them with innovative techniques. Also for this aspect the holistic approach is essential to achieve good results. As an example, 'Temporal Coherence' optimizes the interaction between the power amplifiers and the loudspeaker units, which strongly suppresses an –to humans- annoying distortion so the music can come to the foreground.
With words alone we will not be able to convince you. Which is why we will gladly demonstrate our systems, so you can experience a musical event which will take you several steps higher than you are used to.